About Us

The Brand

KA100 brand was born many years ago, in the 'Street' and from it.

The 'Street' was much more than a transit location or meeting point. It was the summoning of kids that lived near Lisbon, at the city of Cacém, who wanted to gather and have fun.

Those kids shared many activities such as playing football and video games, listening to music, watching MTV (which was almost unaccessible by that time), among many other typical childhood activities, memorable moments they cherished and still remember today.


Our Mission

Inspired by Music, we create original designs for our apparel, aiming to deliver a unique and high quality fashion statement.


Hear it. Wear it!

From music to fabric.

Our product transports music to the piece of clothing we are working on and consequently to our Client. Sometimes it's just something that you've heard, without listening to it. It seems you've heard it somewhere… And it stays with you, without you having even noticed it.

This is how our product was born. Made with passion and dedication.

Bring it with you. Make it yours.